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Our Products

Real Technologies has a range of Products on mobile Value Added Services (mVAS) platforms and in software arena; our main goal is our valued client’s satisfaction on their according needs. Our strong team is very capable to customize products accordingly. Some of our mVAS Products are;

★ SMS Platform: Our solution is very stable to handle 5 millions of subscribers with multiple operators

★ IVR Platform: We are offering IVR connectivity without any E1 hardware, our technologies for Bangladesh market is very cheap and reliable through ICX, IPTSP connectivity. Our partners can easily deploy the IVR platform on their own premises.

★ WAP Portal: We have a WAP portal solution and using this portal CP can easily charged subscription based services.

★ USSD Platform: Our USSD platform is dynamic CP can change their USSD menu anytime without any difficulties

★ Quiz Contest Platform: We have SMS and IVR based quiz content platforms

Software for Corporate Houses:

★ We have a WEB development team and very capable to manage any tools according clients needs

★ ERP: We have ERP solution; our modules are Human Resource, Accounts, Pay Roll, Fleet Management, Inventory, Hospital Management etc.